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Gross National Happiness – a 100 % secular approach

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The influence of Buddhism on the building of the Gross National Happiness Concept When talking about Bhutan and about the Gross National Happiness concept – this does not go without considering the influence of Buddhism. Raised in a catholic valley close to the Rhine in Germany, my own spiritual roots are based on Christian values. I [...]

Is Happiness measurable?

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Those, who are more familiar with the topic of Happiness in Bhutan or who have at least heard a bit about Gross National Happiness Index, often ask me, when speaking about my passion for Bhutan (see also Gross National Happiness As Core Paradigm Of Development) : „Are these people really happy? How do they measure it?“ There are [...]

Gross National Happiness As Core Paradigm Of Development

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Why Slow Change matters more than Disruptive Change „GNP counts everything – except that which makes life worth living“ ROBERT KENNEDY In my last article about Change I listed a few really life-damaging or at least life-affecting changes. Many disruptive changes lead to a significantly increased fragmented environment, making human being vulnerable, creating insecurity and fear. Who [...]