Slow Change Experience: Time to be prioritized against monetary profit?

In Social Media these days a video is shared among my German speaking friends.

It is from the facebook page of Richard David Precht, a German Philosopher and author of successful popular science books about philosophical issues. Key Message: Money and economical profit negates all values. What drives now the societies for bigger transformation: re-define time, appreciate and value time in order to gain back a cultural identity beyond monetary profit.

A friend of mine, who knows about my current journey to Bhutan shared this link with me. It points out perfectly well, what I will and turn my focus to by attending a really exciting workshop initiated by the Gross National Happiness Centre of Bhutan. See for more insights following this link about Slow Change Experience workshop:

Link to workshop invite from GNH Centre Bhutan

Feel invited to follow me these days. The workshop includes to learn to use tools and techniques for storytelling. Let me share with you interesting appetizers about my story in the very next future – but first take a deep breath, relax -and take your time.